Starter Home Gym Bundle for kids(S/M)

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Gymnastics Tumbling Cheese Wedge Mat (M size)*1
Gymnastics Octagon Tumbling Trainer Mat (M size)*1
Gymnastics Adjustable Horizontal Kip Bars*1





Ideal for Young Gymnasts and Beginner Tumblers

This Budget Home Gym Bundle offers comprehensive training for gymnasts, covering all the necessary skills such as core strength, upper and lower body strength, agility, coordination, flexibility, and suppleness. 

The incline mat and octagon mat can practice various rolls like front, side, or back rolls with support and comfort. 

The adjustable-height horizontal bar helps in training grip skills and laying the groundwork for future gymnastics training plans. 

This gym package is suitable for both beginners and experienced gymnasts as it offers a wide range of exercise methods.

Non-Slip Design

To ensure safety during gymnastics, the grip bar is equipped with an anti-slip sponge to prevent injuries.

Additionally, the bottom of the horizontal bar is covered in non-slip rubber to prevent sliding. Both mats feature a non-slip texture for added safety.


Non-Toxic & Durable 

Our mats are made with commercial-grade materials and assembly, ensuring high durability. 

The bar is constructed with durable steel that can last for years, and its triangular structure provides stability and safety for your kids during gymnastics practice.


Easy to Carry&Clean-up

Our gymnastics mats are lightweight and easy to transport with two convenient carrying handles. 

The vinyl surface is tear-resistant and can be easily cleaned with a simple soap and water solution. The PU surface is water-resistant and can be cleaned by wiping away dirt and footprints. The mats have a removable layer with durable metal zippers. 

The Kangaroo Hoppers gymnastic kip bar is designed to save space with its foldable design, making it perfect for use in your home, gym, or school.



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