Calling all American family, our kids gymnastic challenge is coming!

strike a pose, win the prize! 100% award just enter.Here are the details:
Date: August 20st - September 10st, 2023
Cost: Free to enter


  • Complete the designated movement "Split + Lunge + Bridge".
  • Taking challenge video!(*Every participant will have a chance to win a raffle)
  • Follow KangarooHoppers @Kangaroohoppers and tag#kangaroohoppers+#khmonth+posechallenge.
  • When you finish this, click the link (home page) to draw your participation award.
  • Attention:The video with the most likes + comments wins!(1 comment = 3 likes)
    Go to Instagram and Leave (name + kangaroohoppers + win) in the comment section to help her win!


the legs are in line with each other and extended in opposite directions

Bow pose

From a prone position, the feet are grasped to lift the legs and chest to form the shape of a bow with the body, with the arms representing the bowstring.


Bridge pose" refers to a less rigorous supine backbend called Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, in which the body is fairly straight from knees to shoulders, and most of the bend is in the knees.

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Exciting prizes await!

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