10FT Water Bouncer Trampoline

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Note: Don’t charge too much when inflating the water trampoline to prevent the jumper from cracking


Durable Inflatable Tube Made of Ultra-Sturdy PVC Mesh Material - The inflatable part of this trampoline consists of ultra-sturdy 0.7mm PVC mesh material. Its tested anti-abrasion ability and great endurance against wear and tear and extreme weather give rise to our long-lasting water bouncer.

Pre-attached Handles and Ladders Make Your Use Handier - With one 4-step ladder and several firm handles, you can easily climb and land on the platform to take a rest or enjoy sunbathing. Several built-in handles are designed for easy moving, and D-rings can help anchor.

Bungee-Cord-Connected Jumping Surface Spares Your Assembly Effort - The nylon bungee cord fastens the jumping surface and the inflatable tube together, which protects children's feet from getting caught, produces much less noise, and makes a sturdy one-piece water bouncer that requires no assembly other than inflation.

Adjustable Check Valve Prevents Air Leakage - Our check valve is adjustable such that you can switch it to a two-way valve for deflation. Such a non-return feature eliminates the nuisance of air leakage *Please notice: To deflate the water bouncer, simply unscrew the valve and remove the black plug at the back of the valve. Screw the remaining valve back onto the tube and dry the valve, and now you are ready for deflation.

Inflating and Repairing Accessories Come All in One Purchase - With your purchase of this water bouncer, you will also get an auto-inflator/deflator featuring 4 types of air nozzles (*Only one of them is for this water bouncer, and you may apply the other ones across other life scenarios). You will also receive two PVC patches for repairing purposes. 


Little ones thrill at the thought of cooling off in the water and making wild splashes on a sunny afternoon. Doesn’t it sound just like a summer paradise? That's why you need a Kangaroo Hopper's Floating Water Bouncer Trampoline because it allows you and your kids to have a blast right in your backyard pond.

Our 10 ft floating inflatable water bouncer float perfectly on a swimming pool, lake or any water, supplying all the fun your family needs with its excellent bounciness and durability. Being a budget-friendly piece compared across the market, our water bouncer comes yet with bountiful attachments and accessories which, in another place, shall require separate purchases. Attachments and accessories include a four-step ladder, a speedy air inflator/deflator, air-pumping hose, 4 air nozzles, and quick-fix PVC mesh cloth repairing patches. Come on! It's time to have some fun!


Kangaroohoppers 10FT Floating Water Bouncer Trampoline Specification

Color: Blue&Yellow, Orange&White, Light Blue&White, Green&Yellow
Material : PVC Tarpaulin + 1000D bungee cloth
Overall Diameter: 10’x10’x23.6”
Jump Surface Diameter:6.2’
Package Diameter: 16”x16”x24”
Net Weight: 44 lbs
Max Capacity: 350kg/772lb
Inflatable Water Bouncer Material: Eco-Friendly 0.7mm PVC Tarpaulin
Jumping Elastic Rope Material: High-Quality Nylon Bungee Cord Webbing

Package Includes:
Air Inflator/Deflator x 1
Air-Pumping Hose x 1
Air Nozzles x 4
Ladder x 1
PVC Mesh Cloth Repairing Patches x 2 (PVC glue not included)

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