40" Mini Fitness Rebounder Trampoline

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Steel Construction Produces Perfect Stability - Kangaroo Hopper's 40'' Mini Children Rebounder features a solid sturcure with six heavy-duty steel supports. Non-slip plastic feet caps absorb the impact of a bounce on the floor. 0 risk of tipping over; children may well rely on the trampolines' absolute stability for a carefree bounce.

Quality and Sanitary Jumping Mat - Our PP Jumping Mat has a breathable surface, waterproof feature. The smooth yet sturdy webbing is perfectly gentle on kids' bare skin and shows excellent elasticity that can hold weights- up to 400lbs. Feel free to join your kids for a hell of a bounce--the more the merrier!

Bungee Cords and Fixed Buckles Produce Firm Connection - We apply bungee cords to connect the jumping mat and the steel frame. Jumping mat and the steel frame are buckled together for a robust connection. Bungee cords protect the tiny feet of the young from getting caught, minimizes noise, and make a sturdy one-piece trampoline that requires minimum assembly processes.

Small Footprint and High Versatility - The trampoline is 40 inches wide, and favors indoor use. It supports repeated jumps, and low-impact exercises such as Yoga and balance training. Set up the trampoline in your living room, and both the young and the old in the family are ready to reap fun regardless of the weather outside


  • Color: Rose, Green
  • Max Weight Capacity: 440 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 36.6 x16.9 x 3.1 inches


Imagine a sunny afternoon, in your backyard filled with vibrant green, your little ones bounce back and forth on the trampoline and fill the air with juvenile laughter. Idyllic scene...right? Kangaroo Hopper's 40'' Mini Children Rebounder will make this a routine rather than a rare occurrence.

Our trampoline presents excellent stability and bounciness. Steel construction and quality materials are there to guarantee safety and a long lifespan. Of course, the trampoline is small and light, featuring easy set-up. It also supports multiple physical activities and improves fitness, providing kids and adults with a full range of benefits of jumping exercises. Kids love it, and you will love it too!

40" Mini Fitness Rebounder Trampoline
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