Trampoline Activities For Both Parents And Kids With Summer Pack

Trampoline Activities For Both Parents And Kids With Summer Pack

Trampoline Activities For Both Parents And Kids With Summer Pack

Wondering any activity can play on the trampoline? Worry about your kids might get bored with the trampoline after the newness wore off? Here I am to reduce your concern! A Trampoline Summer Pack for Kids is prepared for getting more fun when playing on the trampoline, and this blog is going to show you several activities for both parents and kids.



This is one of the most entertaining trampoline games of all time.Participants take turns being the chosen player inside the trampoline.Everyone else throws water balloons into the trampoline from the outside, and the chosen player must avoid them while jumping.
As the water balloons roll around unpredictably, the chosen player is eliminated if they make contact with any of the water balloons while they bounce.
Record each player’s time on the trampoline until they’re out. The winner is the player with the longest bounce time.
Trampoline Activities For Both Parents And Kids With Summer Pack


King of the Castle

A team-based game sharing similar traits to ‘Poison Ball’ and combines the elements that make dodgeball so fun.Divide players into two teams. The first team consists of a single player chosen as the ‘King’, who must stay within the trampoline enclosure. The second team consists of the ‘Attackers’, who must stay outside of the trampoline bounds.
Attackers throw water balloons over the trampoline enclosure, attempting to hit the King while he tries his best to dodge. Once the King has been hit three times, the Attacker who scored the last hit becomes the new King, and the process repeats. The person who holds the longest time as the King is the winner.

 Trampoline Activities For Both Parents And Kids With Summer Pack


Cherry Bomb

Like Poison, this is another trampoline favorite. In this game, everyone stands on the trampoline while one child holds a water balloon.The child holding a water balloon throws them high into the air and shouts, “Cherry bomb!” or “Bombs away!”
Everyone has to avoid being hit by the water balloons without getting off the trampoline. Each time someone is hit by the water balloons, that person loses one of five lives. Everyone also loses a life if the ball is thrown outside of the trampoline. As a variation, every child can have a cherry bomb which increases the difficulty and the fun.


Birds in the Nest

 This game combines treasure hunting, running, and throwing — perfect to get kids outside having fun. Select one player as the ‘Bird in the Nest’. The remaining players are ‘Runners’. Designate each runner a specific water balloon color. Remove the Runners from the backyard. The bird must hide the colored water balloons in garden beds, outdoor furniture, etc. The sneakier the better!
Ask the Bird to sit inside the trampoline enclosure, when they're done. Bring the Runners back into the backyard. When you say, 'Go!', the Runners must begin their treasure hunt to locate the water balloons of their color.
Each time a runner locates one of their colored water balloons, they must run it to the trampoline and throw it into the ‘nest’ for the Bird to collect. However, because the water polo is very fragile, players must guard the water polo like a guardian egg, and breaking it doesn't count.

When the Bird shouts, ‘To the nest!’ (at their discretion), the Runners must return to the trampoline for the counting. Whoever has the most of their colored water balloons inside the nest is the winner. They then become the Bird for the next round.



Two people or two teams jump on opposite sides of the trampoline while bopping a balloon back and forth.
They cannot double-touch the balloon or let it touch the ground, and they cannot stop jumping.

Keeping a balloon in the air while constantly jumping is more challenging than it sounds, and your kids will be hooked as they try to beat their high score.


Hot Potato

In this game, one person stands on the outside of the trampoline and throws a balloon to the other players who are jumping inside the trampoline.
The jumpers must catch the balloon without letting it touch the trampoline mat and while continuing to jump.
The person on the outside of the trampoline then turns around and either sing a song or counts out loud while the jumpers bounce around the trampoline passing the balloon back and forth.
When the person on the ground stops singing or counting, whoever was last to touch the hot potato is out and sits in the center of the trampoline.


The Color and Shapes Game

This game can be played with a wide age range of kids, making it perfect for siblings to play together on the trampoline.Start by using chalk to draw shapes in different colors scattered around the trampoline.

Then one child is the referee who sits on the edge of the trampoline and calls out instructions to the other children one at a time.These instructions can be simple or complex depending on the age of the child: jump on a red shape, do a front flip on the green triangle, bounce to a circle and do a seat-drop, etc. 



Twister is even more fun and challenging on a can use chalk to draw four rows of different colored circles on the trampoline mat.
You can use the spinner from the Twister game or call out your own instructions (“Right hand, red”).The goal is to follow the instructions without falling over, which is a fun challenge on the bouncy trampoline.

Trampoline Activities For Both Parents And Kids With Summer Pack



Use chalk or painters tape to mark hopscotch squares on the trampoline mat, and let the fun begin!
Play normal hopscotch, or challenge your kids to do a special jump each time they hop to a new square, like a tuck jump (where they tuck their knees to their chest in mid-air) or a star jump (where they jump and spread their arms and legs out wide).

Trampoline Activities For Both Parents And Kids With Summer Pack



This game provides kids with a physical exercise while simultaneously strengthening their memory.
To start, draw different shapes around the trampoline with chalk.
One child jumps between two shapes and the other child has to repeat the sequence.
Then that child jumps between three different shapes and the other child tries to copy that sequence.
The players continue taking turns creating a sequence for the other child to copy, increasing the number of shapes in the sequence with each turn.

When one child cannot remember the correct sequence of shapes, the other chid wins.  

Trampoline Activities For Both Parents And Kids With Summer Pack


Four Corners

This is another popular indoor game that is even more fun when played on the trampoline.
If you are like us and don’t have a rectangular trampoline with four obvious corners, use chalk or painter's tape to mark four quadrants on the trampoline mat.
To play the game, one child sits in the center of the trampoline with closed eyes and counts to ten. The other children move around the trampoline and must choose a corner (or quadrant) to stand in before the counter finishes counting.
Once the counter has counted to ten, he points to one of the corners, and anyone in that corner is out. The players who are out sit in the middle of the trampoline with the counter and bounce on their knees while the counter counts again. This will make it more difficult for the counter to figure out which corners the other children are in.
The game continues until there is only one player left standing, and that player is the winner.


Star Gazing

Are you still reluctant to give up your trampoline when it's dark? Just put the Emoji LED Light Up Balloon on your trampoline and you can continue to bounce, but it's best to have enough light. We don't want you to bump into yourself in the dark. Maybe you'd rather watch the stars on the trampoline. Emoji LED Light Up Balloons can accompany you.

Trampoline Activities For Both Parents And Kids With Summer Pack


Cleaning Up

This one’s for the parents! Sick of the mess? Why not turn the clean up into a competition? Who cares about the fight! Most pieces picked up wins - winner takes all!



Leave the remaining sticks and joints. The trash can is not the only destination. Plugin the water pipe, you have a flower watering artifact and a dream trampoline nozzle, and enjoy your summer trampoline party!
Here's another CRAZY way to up-cycle your Bunch o Balloons stems! ♻️ Pick Up Sticks with Bunch O Balloons! Simply cut off the stems from the caps, and use the stems for your game of pick-up sticks!

Trampoline Activities For Both Parents And Kids With Summer Pack

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