About our Warranty

• 2 Year Warranty
• 2 Year Jump Mat and Spring Warranty
• 2 Year Spring Pad and Safety Net Warranty
• 2 Year Accessories Warranty

Kangaroohoppers® trampoline warranty policy covers any fault, defect or failure occurring as a result of the manufacturing process. The warranty covers manufacturing defects only. It does not cover any faults caused by lack of maintenance, weather damage, misuse, incorrect assembly or normal wear and tear.

While the warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship, it does not cover damages caused by:

  • wind, lightning, flooding, natural disasters, or any other weather-related events;
  • accidental or purposeful burns, cuts, punctures, snags or other vandalism;
  • abuse, misuse, and improper or abnormal usage;
  • failure to follow directions, improper installation, improper maintenance, installation or use of incompatible accessories or parts, alteration or attachments to equipment other than Kangaroohoppers’s products that are intended for use with the product;
  • Commercial or rental use;
  • Any other cause not arising from defects in material and workmanship.

How Do I Make a Warranty Claim?

Please provide us with the following information:
1. Order number
2. Describe your product issues. Provide us with clear pictures that could illustrate it as well as the pictures of exterior package(s) and all the labels marked on the exterior box(es)
• About missing accessories: please inform us of the part name and corresponding quantity(ies) according to the instructions
• About damaged accessories: please inform us of the part name and corresponding quantity(ies) according to the instructions, and provide us with the related pictures.

If there is any problem with the product, please contact us within 30 days of receiving the product. If the accessories are damaged or missing, please make it clear to us at one time. The cost of accessories and shipping costs incurred by the second reissue should be borne by the customer.

Please fill in our Contact Form with your order number and details of the above, and one of our customer support legends will get back to you asap from 9:00 - 5:00 pm PST (Mon.-Fri.)