Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing product, if you have other questions, please just send it to
Not to worry. Sometimes different parts of your order will get delivered at different times due to different products coming from different warehouses and how FedEx manages larger size deliveries.
At present, 14ft and 15ft round trampolines are sent by 3 boxes, 12ft rectangle trampoline is sent by 2 boxes, all other products are sent by 1 box.
No worries, the color is correct. All the support poles are covered with the blue foam. Please place the safety net over the support poles.
To understand the strength of a Kangaroohoppers Trampoline, there are two weights you need to be aware of - the Structural Load Capacity and the Maximum Single User Weight. The first relates to strength and the second relates to safety.
The Structural Load Capacity is the amount of static weight a trampoline can hold. About max weight capacity of a Kangaroohoppers Trampoline,12-15ft round trampolines are 1500lbs, 12ft rectangle trampolines are 1300lbs. This limit allows for a safe margin before the mat will touch the ground.
The Maximum Single User Weight is based on how heavy you are and how high you jump. It is about ensuring jumpers don’t ‘bottom out’ (touch the ground while jumping).Max single user weight is 374lbs for 12-14ft round trampoline and 264lbs for 12ft rectangle trampoline
Depending on your location, delivery can take anywhere from (approximately) 5 -7working days.
Please note:
As our product is large and bulky they can take a bit longer to get around than say a courier bag. And the trampoline accessories may be damaged or missing in transit. Please ensure you have given enough leeway for delivery time expectations.
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12ft round trampoline $20; 14ft round trampoline $30; 15ft round trampoline $40
Home delivery for a trampoline normally costs up to $250 due to the large size and weight of the boxes. We heavily subsidise this cost and only charge up to $40.
**Home Delivery Excludes: Alaska, Hawaii, Marshall Island, Northern Mariana Island and Puerto Rico Nunavut
No worries.
First, make sure the installation sequence is correct.
1. frame rail and the T socket 
2. vertical tube
3. leg tube
4. Jumping mat and the springs If you find that the trampoline is still doesn’t stay flat, please disassemble the jumping mat first and check the part where frame rails and the T sockets connect (below in the picture). Please make sure that these three parts below should be fixed. The larger end of the frame rail and the smaller end of the frame rail should stay tighten together. Please try it. 
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