Winter Care

Winter – it’s wet, cold and usually means staying indoors by a warm fire. And staying indoors can be tough for the little ones. Children have lots of energy and they can easily become frustrated, irritable, and bored if they don’t have the appropriate ways to channel it. At Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline, we are dedicated to ensuring that kids have safe outdoor play, all year long!

Jump in the Snow!

Even though it’s cold and snowy, there are lots of ways for your family to enjoy your Kangaroo Hopppers Trampoline! There is an entire new world of imaginative play with snow that you and your kids can experience. Some of our favourite ideas include building a snow castle on the mat, playing dodge the snowball while jumping and make snow angels on the mat. We’re sure that if you let your kids go, they will come up with even more!

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Winter Maintenance Tips

If you live in a snowy region, we recommend regularly clearing any accumulation of snow off your Kangaroo Hopppers Trampoline with a soft bristle brush or broom. Stay clear of sharp bristles or snow shovels as they may damage the mat. With your brush or broom, reach onto the center of the mat and pull the snow toward you and off the trampoline through the zippered door. With regular snow clearing, your Kangaroo Hopppers Trampoline can be used year round! We also recommend this if you are not planning on jumping to ensure your trampoline remains in good working condition.