8 Benefits Of Jumping On A Trampoline For Autistic Kids

8 Benefits Of Jumping On A Trampoline For Autistic Kids

8 Benefits Of Jumping On A Trampoline For Autistic Kids

A trampoline for autism has been used extensively in helping ASD kids. This type of therapy has been around as far back as the 1970s. But you may be wondering, what exactly is trampoline therapy, and what benefits does it bring to the table for autistic kids? Well, there are tons of benefits of trampolines for autism.


It can help ASD kids improve their sensory skills and motor skills, among other positives. It is also a pretty safe exercise that ASD kids will enjoy a lot due to its repetitiveness. Read on to find out what trampoline therapy is, how it can help your ASD kid, and what is the best trampoline for autism-affected kids. 


What is Autism?

Autism, also called Autism Spectrum Disorder, is a type of developmental disability. People who suffer from autism have behavioral problems, and they struggle with social interactions. They also have different ways of learning and focusing. Also, problems with moving and communication are pretty common among autistic people. 

All this can make life more challenging for those suffering from this condition. This, combined with the repetitive and restricted interests and behavior of ASD kids, makes it difficult for them to learn through conventional means. So special methods need to be developed to help them better learn and develop social skills. One such method is rebound therapy.


What is Trampoline Therapy

Trampoline therapy is a type of rebound therapy. In trampoline therapy, a kid with special needs is placed in a safe environment where they can bounce on a trampoline for autism freely. This is done under the guidance of an occupational therapist to ensure safety.


Trampoline therapy has played a major role in helping people on the autism spectrum. Since trampolines for autism can be used by adults and kids, they have become a pretty popular tool that combines the health benefits of sensory integration therapy with fun. Their physical benefits are also very helpful for autism-affected individuals. Generally, rebound therapy is used in conjunction with other therapeutic development programs to yield maximum results. 


8 Benefits of Trampoline for Children With Autism

As mentioned before, trampoline therapy has many benefits that help improve the physical and mental health of autistic kids. Let’s take a detailed look at some of these benefits to better understand the value of trampoline therapy:


Improve Sensory Skills

The biggest benefit of jumping on a trampoline for autism spectrum kids is that it helps improve their sensory skills. Sensory skills include vestibular, proprioception, and tactile systems. As mentioned before, autistic kids are more sensitive to sensory inputs. Loud noises, specific textures, and bright lights can increase their anxiety levels. 

So they can easily become overwhelmed by the most common sensory inputs. This is where having a trampoline for your autism-affected kid can really help. Since ASD kids find solace in repetitive motions as it provides a constant sensory input they are comfortable with, they will love bouncing on a trampoline. The continuous rhythm of up and down will fill in the need for repetitive motion in a safe and non-disruptive way.


This way, they can interpret the sensory motion much better than they would be able to with a simple rocking back and forward motion. In short, your kid can stay comforted when bouncing on the trampoline by experiencing soothing movements that help them with their sensory imbalance. 


Strengthens Limbs

Another great benefit a trampoline for autism offers is that it helps strengthen the child’s core muscles and limb muscles. Jumping on a trampoline helps engage leg muscles and core muscles, which are strengthened over time. This can have many secondary benefits for ASD kids. For instance, exercise can help kids build confidence. 

Research by Breiflands has shown that aerobic exercises can significantly increase self-esteem and confidence. Trampoline jumping is one such exercise. Being more confident will help ASD kids throughout their life, making it a vital skill to be developed early on. 


Improved Concentration

According to a study by Reboundtherapy, jumping on a trampoline can help autism-affected kids concentrate better. Trampoline therapy helped reduce the stimming behavior among ASD kids, helping them focus more on the task at hand and follow the directions of the teacher. This can make trampolines a vital tool for educational purposes when it comes to autistic kids. 


By incorporating trampoline therapy, the teacher can better strike a balance between fun and study so the kid can learn more thanks to the improved focus. Plus, the activity of jumping on the trampoline for autism can be combined with study through the use of intuitive methods. For instance, the teacher can ask the kids study questions while they jump and use brightly colored cards to attract their attention to an answer. 


Stress Relief

Autistic kids can accumulate stress and anxiety, which can be harmful to them. This stress is reduced when the kid is exposed to outside stimuli of their preference. One such stimulus can be jumping on a trampoline for autism which can be a great way to help your ASD kid relieve their stress. It is fun, safe, and in most cases, very effective.

Helps Expell Built-Up Energy

If your ASD kid doesn’t have an outlet for their built-up energy, they can develop disruptive or harmful behavior as an outlet. Thankfully, trampolines provide a great outlet for your kid to expel all the built-up energy by jumping. This way, they can expend their energy in a healthier way. This, in turn, helps them calm down. Trampoline jumping is really helpful for more energetic ASD kids since they always have a fun outlet at hand. 


Improves Motor Skills

In a study published in the Journal of Physical Education and Sport, trampoline-based training programs helped autistic kids not only develop lower limb muscles but also improve their motor skills. Trampoline jumping improves balance in ASD kids balance. 


It also allows for improved coordination throughout their body. All this helps improve the overall motor skills of autistic kids. So with trampoline therapy, your ASD kid will be developing better motor skills which will help them throughout their life. 


Provides A Safe Social Interaction Medium

Social interactions can be pretty difficult for kids with autism. Trampoline jumping can also help address this issue. When playing on a trampoline with other kids, your ASD kid will have a much easier time relating with the other kids. This can be a great way for an autistic kid to interact with others, both verbally and non-verbally. 


Trampoline jumping can provide a safe space where ASD kids can interact with others in such a way that they wouldn’t be able to under normal circumstances. 


Increased Release of Dopamine

Jumping on a trampoline is fun, which means dopamine is released when your kid jumps on one. This feel-good chemical can help ASD kids stay happier. The release of this chemical can also help improve the mood of your ASD kid, which can be a great plus. This is really helpful for improving their mental health and keeping them calm.

Trampoline for Autism: Safety and Precautions

There are some safety precautions that should be taken when letting your ASD kid jump on a trampoline. The trampoline should be placed in a safe environment. It should also be in good condition so it can withstand continuous use without posing any dangers.


If rebound therapy is being conducted, then it should be done under the observation of a specialist. Even if the therapy is being conducted without the specialist present, proper guidelines outlined by your occupational therapist should be followed diligently. 


Also, the behavior of the kid should be observed at all times, especially if the kid is very young, to identify any stress. It is generally a good idea to use a trampoline with net walls so there is no danger of the kid falling out of the trampoline by accident. 


The Best Trampolines for Children with Autism

We wanted to find the best trampoline out there for autistic kids, that provided the optimal blend of fun and practicality. The trampoline that came out on top during our research was the Kangaroo Hoopers High Capacity Round Trampoline. This trampoline for autism is 15 feet in size and comes in three color options. 


It is water resistant, making it ideal for outdoor environments. It also features an anti-UV mat making it much safer to use in the sun. Speaking of safety, this product has net walls all around to keep the kid safe and sound inside as they jump. 


Plus, it is very easy to assemble, which is a great plus. You even get a basketball hoop that fits inside as an added bonus. This helps provide even more engagement for your ASD kid while also improving their coordination skills. 


Trampoline therapy can be a great tool for helping keep your ASD kid engaged, calm, and focused. Plus, it makes for a great exercise and energy outlet that the kid will love. However, it is important to follow the safety guidelines when letting your kid jump on a trampoline. 


Expert advice should also be taken into consideration to ensure optimal results. Your doctor can help keep track of the improvement your autistic kid is making from jumping on a trampoline for autism. 

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