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Kangaroo Hoppers Halloween Trampoline DIY Ideas

by kangaroo hoppers 28 Oct 2022
Kangaroo Hoppers Halloween Trampoline DIY Ideas

Halloween trampoline Diy ideasWho do you want to scare on the scariest day of this year?
And who wants to be the spookiest one in your neighborhood?
Hah, very naughty.

This blog may inspire you in one way or two. Here are several quick and easy steps to turn your KangarooHoppers trampoline into a fun trick&treat base!Crawl into the cubby "house" with your kids! Eat spooky snacks and tell the scariest stories.

Materials you will need:
  • White or black sheet X2 (Want a pumpkin theme? An orange sheet is worth a try.)
  • Any strong rope you can find
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Candy and a container
  • Pens

Step 1: Attach the sheets to the top of the six poles. Remember to leave the opening on the side of the zipper (you don't want to be trapped, don't you?)

Step 2: Use a rope to attach the bottom of the sheet to the spring from the outside to the inside. (to prevent the troublemaker from lifting the sheet)
Step 3: Tie the jar filled with candy to the exit of the trampoline.
candy jar

Step 4: Write Treatment here on the paper, cut it and paste it on the bedspread at the exit (the more conspicuous, the better)paper cut

Step 5: Put on your Halloween costume and wear scary make-up. Enter the trampoline, waiting for others to come along.
Now comes the most thrilling moment!
When anyone wants to take away the candy in the jar, you can open the sheets to frighten them (remember to unzip the trampoline in advance).
This way, your trampoline is easily turned into the best-haunted house.
Ready for the big fun?
Don’t forget to share your unforgettable moments on trampoline! Use the hashtag #kangaroohoppers for a chance to be featured in our account.

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