Gymnastics Tumbling Cheese Wedge Mat (S/M/L)

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Color: Pink&Purple
Size: S
Cheese Wedge Mat Size Guide
Size Folded Unfolded Age User's height
S 17"x17"x24" 34"x24"x13" 2-4 yrs 40" - 43"
M 24"x24"x14" 48"x24"x14" 4-8yrs 43" - 61"
L  28"x28"x18.5" 56"x28"x15" 6-12yrs 61" - 64"

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Why You Will Love It?

Skill Boosting Fun

Picture your little gymnast mastering rolls, tumbles, and handstands right at home – that's the magic of our Gymnastics Cheese Wedge mat.

Safety Hug

Give them a soft landing every time. This mat isn't just a cushion; it's a safety net for their daring moves, making sure every practice session ends with a smile, not a bruise.

All-in-One Wonder

From gymnastics to cheerleading or even martial arts, this mat is the versatile buddy your kid needs for all their cool activities.

No Gym? No Problem

Compact and portable, this mat transforms any space into a mini gym. Perfect for home workouts or on the spot backyard flips.

Built to Last

Crafted with super durable materials, this mat is ready for the energetic twists and turns of your budding gymnast.

Just Right Thickness

Not too squishy, not too stiff – this mat hits the sweet spot. Enough cushion to be comfy, enough support to ace those moves.

Confidence HQ

Imagine the joy of your kid nailing a new move. With this dedicated practice spot, their confidence skyrockets as they conquer each gymnastics challenge.

Easy Peasy Clean

No fuss, no mess. A quick wipe and it's as good as new. Because we know cleanliness is key, especially when it comes to where your kid practices.

4 Durable Fixed Handles

Handles on the sides are securely fixed, will never unravel. Easy to carry, fold and unfold.

Premium High-Density EPE Foam

Soft but firm, feel comfortable but sturdy, is safe for all kinds of exercises.

PU Cover with Anti-slip Surface

Thick and durable, can resist water & sweat, and easy to clean.

Removable Cover with Zippers

Two 3-line zippers to open the layer smoothly. Metal zipper head ensures durability.

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