Gymnastics Octagon Tumbling Trainer Mat (S/M)

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Color: Purple&Pink
Size: M
Octagon Tumbling Mat Size Guide
User's Height
20" x 24"
3-5 yrs
24" x 26"
5-9 yrs

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*Notice: For optimal performance and safety, please avoid using this product on smooth surfaces.

Invest in Your Child's Greatness

Why You Will Love It?

More than a purchase, it's an investment in skill development and confidence. Bring home the Octagon Tumbling Training Mat – where every flip is a step toward success.

Skill Boosting Fun

Elevate your child's gymnastics game with the Octagon Tumbling Training Mat – the key to mastering rolls, flips, and tumbles.

Safe Landings

This mat is their protective cushion, ensuring every move lands softly and safely, giving you peace of mind.

Confidence Kick

More than a mat, it's a confidence booster. Watch your child's grin grow with each successful move.

Stylish Comfort

Beyond looks, it's about comfort. The right thickness provides support without sacrificing the sleek design.

Built Tough

Ready for the challenges of active play, this durable mat stands strong, no matter how many cartwheels or somersaults.

Gym Anywhere

Turn any space into a gym in seconds. This mat is your child's ticket to practicing flips and twists at home, anytime.

Versatile Workout Buddy

From gymnastics to martial arts, this mat adapts to their every move, making it the perfect partner for varied workouts.

Quick-Clean Magic

Easy spills or sweaty sessions? No problem. This mat is a breeze to clean, ensuring a fresh surface every time.

Carrying Handles

Handles on the sides are securely fixed, will never unravel. Easy to carry and move.

Crosslink Polyethylene Foam

Soft but firm, feel comfortable but sturdy, is safe for all kinds of exercises.

PU Cover with Anti-slip Surface

Thick and durable, can resist water & sweat, and easy to clean.

Long lasting Zippers and Stitches

Two 3-line zippers to open the layer smoothly. Metal zipper head ensures durability.

5-Star Rating

Parents and Their Kids Love Our Octagon Tumbling Trainer Mat